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Expression Session & "Big Move"

Expression Session: Amplifying Surfing Excitement

  • Starts 9 Dec
  • 20 British pounds
  • Crooklets - Bude

Available spots


The Expression Session at the Ho Ho Rodeo is an opportunity for paddlers of all craft to showcase their skills free from the normal constraints of surf competition. In a regular surf contest, each ride is scored subjectively by a panel of judges based on the following criteria: 1. Innovation and progressiveness of manoeuvres, 2. Length and quality of ride, 3. Number of major manoeuvres, 4. Variety of manoeuvres, 5. Speed, power, and fluidity, and, 6. Commitment and degree of difficulty. Then the best two, or three, wave scores are aggregated to give the riders score for that heat. Reminder – it's subjective. But historically, the emphasis has been on the length of the ride and how much of that ride is in the critical part of the wave (otherwise known as the shoulder, the tube or the power pocket. So, the judges are unlikely to reward a manoeuvre, however spectacular, if it takes the rider away from that critical position or compromises the speed of the craft or the length of the ride. In the Expression Session, the emphasis will be turned on its head. Great moves and tricks will be rewarded over and above critical riding. And it won't just be your three best waves that count; twenty waves with one trick on each will be compared favourably to someone else who had four longer rides. In the end, the paddler who was the most radical for the whole session will win. Maybe. There will also be a "Big Move" video/photo competition. For this, you may require a beach buddy with a camera, or you can submit POV/GoPro-type material. Shots or footage must be taken during the "Team" or "Expression" rounds, and submitted digitally by 4.45pm Saturday (trust that we will make this possible for all types of cameras), and the judges will choose finalists for a public vote on the big screen Saturday evening. Simples.

Cancellation Policy

Refunds (less any non-refundable payment processing fees), will be issued if the event cannot go ahead due to any factors beyond our control.

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