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Ho Ho Hodeo

 9-10 December 2023, Crooklets, Bude 

A new paddle surf event which won't be taking itself too seriously. Welcoming paddlers of all craft and disciplines for fun times, great rides, and a social night judging the "Big Move" round on a big screen.

The inclusive scoring system will reward all wave-riding styles, including old skool moves and freestyle.


Other handy info...

What will happen when?

Saturday: The Team event will run in heats on one peak. The Expression Session round will run concurrently on a second peak. Participants may compete in both, and "Big Move" entries can be shot during both. 

Saturday Eve: Judges will choose finalists for the "Big Move" competition which will be screened at the Bude Surf Lifesaving club, where the crowd will decide your fate over a beer or a brew.

Sunday:  Team heats will continue, culminating in the Team event final, podiums and prizes!

What if I've never competed before?

This relaxed competition will have safety in place, and lots of supportive whoops and smiles from the beach. Team scores will be tilted in your favour if you're new to competing, or not in a specialised craft. We'll email you nearer the time to let you know exactly where to be and when, and the organisers will answer any questions you may have.


Competitions may be at Summerleaze Beach or Crooklets Beach where council car parks are both £6 per day. Overnight parking tickets will only be valid in the private car park at Crooklets on Saturday night.

Won't I surely perish in the cold?

Local average water temperatures are close to 12°C this time of year, so wetsuits or drysuits would be wise. All three of our local supporting venues will have hot drinks on offer, with indoor space and a view of the waves.

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